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Producing high quality award-winning corporate and broadcast video since 1987, Berry Creative gives every project a big production studio look and feel with the personal one-on-one attention to detail every client appreciates. Specializing in motion graphics and 3d animation, we can create a custom graphic package for your project.

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Linear and Non-Linear Workstations

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Hi-end Video Production Camera

Video Production

Using High-End Broadcast HD and 4K equipment for the best possible picture acquisition!

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Over 35 years in Video Production and Animation Services.

Creative Video and Animation are our passion,

so we have made them our profession.

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Since 1982. owner Robert Berry, studied Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University and has a degree in Broadcast Communications. In addition to a certification in Basic and Advanced engineering from the Sony Institute, he is also a certified Media 100 non-linear editor. He has been recognized over a dozen times for outstanding video production.

Our current production formats are P2 HD, XDCamHD and 4K. Low light, high resolution digital broadcast cameras by SONY and Panasonic, allows us to acquire and edit without generational loss. Our animation systems expand our growing graphic capabilities.

Give us a call, we would enjoy the opportunity to show you more of our work.

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Video Production

From our roots in video production, we understand all aspects of the production process from pre-production, production to post-production.  We use large format Broadcast T.V. camera’s in Digital HD and 4k for video acquisition knowing that you must start with quality equipment to finish with a quality result.

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Berry Creative works with other graphic design companies to provide project support as we come along side to contribute to a common goal.

We can produce high-end video or create products in 3D to “create” a product shot photo shoot without having actual products or doing an actual photo shoot.   Our “virtual studio”, we can do that for you.

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Post Production Editing

Editing and composition,..where it all comes together.  Once all the hard work of creating and acquiring all the assets for your project is complete, this is where the polish is applied.  Editing and composition combines the elements into a deliverable asset that you can use.  One of the most rewarding stages of Berry Creative.

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Motion Graphics and 2D/3D Animation

All of our productions have and require motion graphics.  From web-sites, content to support your power point presentations, to feature style animation and video production, Berry Creative can provide the production value you are looking for.

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Filmaufnahmen in FullHD
Hochwertige Filmmusik
Filmkommentare von Voice-Over Sprechern

Full HD and 4K

High Quality HD and 4K video

Pro sound

Professional mixing and editing

Voice over

Professional Voice over talent available

Interview für den Imagefilm
Filmaufnahmen aus der Vogelperspektive
Veröffentlichung der Imagefilme bei YouTube


On Camera talent available upon request .

Drone Acquisition

High-end HD and 4k drones for aerial recordings


Your project created for any format, web or broadcast T.V. 


This is broken up into two sections… Video Production and Animation Samples

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Video Production Samples

Animation Samples

Pricing Below


Berry Creative Portable Green Screen Setup
Berry Creative 3d Corvette
Client Animation Frame

Polished Video production 

Generally, a polished Video Production is priced between $1000 - $1500 per FINISHED MINUTE and includes all elements such as, Motion Graphics, Scripting, VO and on camera talent, Tele-prompting, Green Screen, Light rigs, Editing etc.  This type of video production scripted and “Surgically” produced video production with professional voiceover and on camera talent.  Then it is edited, or assembled with great precision, hence…”Surgical Editing”.   Other video like interviews and “run and gun” video is priced by the day or the hour, depending on which is more cost effective for the client.  Extra elements are broken down below.

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2D and 3D Animation

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3D and 2D Animation is priced through bids and written estimates. Every 3D and 2D job is radically different and really is not cut and dry.  Those that are not familiar with 3D production are not aware of the time and resources it takes to accomplish Hollywood style animation.  We offer Character animation, logo animation and 3d Digital Sculpting and object creation.

Motion Graphics are generally $90 per hour and is usually priced by the hour or day rate.  

Video Production Studio Setup
Berry Creative 3d Robot
Mario 3d Character

Need something else?



Interviews by the hour or Day.

Footage or Pictures for Video, Web or Advertising.

Video with




Non-Linear Editing and Graphics



Professional 17” prompter for Higher end camera rig.  Can use smaller camera with adaptors



Extra light kit Fresnel or LED with appropriate attachments  

Professional Camera Rig, Lav Mic and Light.




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