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Nana’s Loft Project

Although 3d animation is nothing new to us, creating a unique architectural space in the real world from scratch was a new undertaking.

We were contracted to create an open and airy space without a lot of square footage to deal with.  With only 700 square feet it could have been quite a “feat”!  -Pun intended-

Armed with vision,  some of the best software on the planet and dozens of CPUs ready to chew on some PIXELs, we showed up with laser measuring devices to acquire  our data.

Starting with a pretty much a blank slate (an empty room), we started acquiring exact measurements of the area for what was to be “Nana’s Loft”.   Using laser measuring devices with picture overlay, we captured exact measurements that could be fed into our software where we could start building out the room in 3D.  This CAD approach allows us to communicate to contractors, carpenters, cabinet companies and all involved to be able to see our vision and provides a foundation for a smooth build out, as well as, the foundation to build our models.

From that point, the virtual construction begins in our software to construct the room.  Doors, windows and walls provide a skeleton much like how a blueprint is drafted.  Then we go shopping!!

Doors, tile, flooring, appliances, moulding, furniture, light fixture etc., are shopped.   All items are modeled in 3D and set in place based on what we find in the “real world”.  This gives us and the client a very “real” feel as to how everything will look.  Surfaces and textures are created for the 3d objects, and being we have our virtual world, we can try everything on for size, like different floor coverings, wall paint, doors and fixtures.  The possibilities are practically endless.

In our 3D applications, the lens in which we view our virtual room is exactly like the real world camera counterpart.  So when we “render” the image, the software camera will deliver the same perceivable image as a real camera.   Berry Creative can create surfaces on our 3D models that mimic the surfaces you see in the real world.  We know how real surfaces interact with light and other objects so when you see the animation and pictures they appear real.   Geographical location data as well as time of day is taken into account so we can render everything from sunny morning day, cloudy day, or night allowing us to see how the space will look interacting with different natural light, aiding us in creating a comfortable environment for Nana.

3D image of Nana's loft
Measurement of laser output
Under construction
Under construction
Nana's loft 3D perspective
Nana's loft image